Monday, August 15, 2016

Catch UP... 7 - 9 Months!

As I am extremely behind on Kyree's monthly updates, I think its about dang time. So here we go. Here's the pics from the last few months...

As for her updates as of right now...
  • She has mastered the army crawl, she started the army crawl right after she turned 7 months and now that she's 9 months she is all over the place, and FAST! She is much happier now that she can do her own thing and get where she wants to go.
  • She still loves the walker, that is my saving grace while I cook dinner. Ashton will come and play with her in the walker and run around and have her chase him, they usually are laughing together, and I can hurry and get dinner on the table!
  • She snarfs her rice cereal at night, she isn't so great about lunch. She will only eat sweet potatoes of all the veggies I've tried so far. So I guess like Ashton, we will have the same exact thing for lunch every day, who likes to mix it up anyways?!
  • She still usually take 3 naps, some days its two, but she prefers three!
  • She is great at sleeping thru the night... hooray!!
  • She still doesn't have much hair, and still doesn't have any teeth.
  • She absolutely loves her brother, and now that she can crawl she is constantly by his side or crawling on him. It has caused major havoc and I can no longer leave them in the same room together. We are having lots of chat about no hitting or kicking or stealing toys. Its rough stuff, but she sure does love him. And he's started playing with her occasionally and its pretty cute, he's the one that usually has her laughing the most.
  • I took her on a get away weekend with my family and I don't think she cried once the whole entire weekend, she was amazing. She did make up for it on the day we got back, but she was a champ thru all our shopping and going here and there. I think she mostly just loved all the attention!!
  • She holds all her toys with her legs, its pretty funny to watch her!
  • She LOVES her binki!!!! YAAY!!!
And to catch up on all the pictures, ready for picture overload. And just a little update about Ashton, he does pretty good at the whole potty training thing. We still have accidents probably once a week, sometimes twice, but he really is doing well. He loves nursery even though he still struggles to initially go in there. He currently is very into Lighting McQueen, Thomas the train, and anything with wings. He loves to watch Little Ensteins, Super Why, Thomas, Bob the Builder, and Cars. He is not a good eater, but the constants that he will eat are bananas, string cheese, nutria grain bars, pizza, noodles with red sauce, fruit snacks, Panda Express chow mein, apples, and peas. He is a pretty dang stubborn kid, and I am trying to learn how to deal with that, but he also is just so dang cute and has a sweet side that he'll occasionally give me too.
This is what happens with me and Laurie shop too long...

 The following pics are from the Discovery Museum at the Gateway in Salt Lake, Ashton LOVED this place! We went the first time with Brittany and Celeste, then we went with my mom another time.

 Rory has taken Ashton hiking with him a few times this summer, from what I hear Ashton really enjoys it!
Yay for finally taking baths together!

Don't mind Ashton always in a shirt and underwear, when he's still having accidents its just easier to not have to dirty all his pants so quickly.

 My typical view these days...

 Her Fourth of July outfit... Thanks Tara!!
 Jesse and Asher were awesome enough to come join us one day for a Thomas the train day. They brought their whole tub of Thomas tracks and set up a track in our family room and even extended it under the couch and to the kitchen. Ashton LOVED his life!! The track is pretty dang cool! Jesse and Asher and super good with Ashton and were so kind to indulge him in his love of Thomas!

 Our trip to the Discovery Museum with my mom...

 The day after being at the Discovery museum with my mom, Ashton came down with the worst stomach flu he's ever had. He was throwing up every half hour for a little over a day. We probably had about 6 hours in the day where he wasn't every half hour, but for the most part it was pretty constant. He never falls asleep like this so I had to take some sleeping pics.

We fully took advantage of my mom being off work for the summer. We played once a week and were able to do some really fun things!! We sure miss having our play days!! These are from the museum at Thanksgiving Point!